Sikkens Alpha Fix is ??a synthetic acrylate-copolymer fixer for indoor and outdoor use. For fixing highly powdery surfaces and chalking paint layers. Also for reducing the absorption of cement-bound substrates, building boards, etc.



  • Fixes powdery residues of paint layers and/or cement skin
  • Optimal penetrating power
  • Can be painted over with dispersion wall paints
  • Reduces the absorption of the substrate

Processing Sikkens Alpha fix

The primer is perfect for leveling and fixing the surface, so that after applying the wall paint you get a nice and tight result without stains. The yield of the Alpha fix is ??10 square meters per litre. 

Sikkens Alpha fix you can order your Sikkens Alpha fix in any desired color. Do you already know the color code or color name? Then you can fill this in immediately when you want to select your color. Not sure what color you want to order yet? Then use our color picker!

Colors that have been mixed by color especially for you cannot be returned. This is of course possible if you order the standard color white. If you are not quite able to choose the right color, you can always contact the customer service of

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