Sikkens Rubbol AZ  is a universal high-gloss exterior paint . Good coverage and flow.

Main properties:
- High hiding power
- Excellent flow
- Up to 5 years of protection
- Can be processed from 5-30°C

- The finishing of wood, steel, non-ferrous metals and various plastics, which have been pre-treated according to the regulations.

Technical properties:
- Density: White: approx. 1.14 kg/dm³.
- Gloss level: High gloss. > 80 GU/20° (ISO 2813). 85 GU/60°.
- Solids content: Depending on the colour: 68-74 wt.% = 60-64 vol.%.
- EU VOC limit value: < 300 g/litre.
- Delivery viscosity: Approx. 0.6 Pa.s/23°C.
- Recommended dry film thickness: Dry: 40-45 micrometers = wet: 60-70 micrometers.
- Flow: Very good.
- Elasticity: After 90 hours of aging at 23°C: > 7 mm (depending on the colour).
- Mechanical resistance: The impact and impact resistance are good.
- Yellowing resistance: Due to its composition, this product can yellow in white and light colors in low daylight.
- Cleanability: Rubbol AZ is easy to clean with the usual household cleaning agents.
Outdoor durability:
- Very good.
- The maintenance cycle is usually 5 years.
- The durability is largely determined by the substrate, the quality of the construction, the glazing, the so-called inside-outside painting, etc.
- Excellent on alkyd resin primers and top coats.
- Rubbol AZ also adheres well to cleaned and sanded old paintwork.

Processing data:
Processing Conditions:
- Processing temperature: 5-30°C.
- Relative humidity: maximum 85%.
Theoretical yield:
- 14-16 m²/litre.
- The practical return depends on the application method, the quality of the substrate and the shape of the object.
Processing methods settings/types:
- Brush and roller
- Brush: Preferably Meesterhand Gold and Classic.
- Roller: Preferably Meesterhand lacquer felt roller (pile height 5 mm) and, if necessary, reroll with Meesterhand concave foam roller.
- Cleaning tools: With  white spirit or Sikkens Thinner M600.
- 20°C / 65% RH
- Dust
dry : after 2 hours - Tack-free: after 4-5 hours
- Recoatable: after 18 hours.
Thinning %:
- Product is ready to use and does not need to be thinned.
- Stir well before use.
- Easy to paint over with itself and alkyd resin paints.

System information:
Quality of wood:
- Façade elements made of wood must comply with the most recently issued KVT and the requirements as stated in the associated assessment guidelines (including BRL 0801 “Wooden façade elements”).
New or bare woodwork:
- Clean the woodwork with  Polyfilla Pro S600 .
- Optionally prime with Rubbol WM 260, Rubbol WM 290 or  Rubbol Primer .
- Sand and, if necessary, repair with Polyfilla Pro W350 or  Polyfilla Pro W370  and, where necessary, putty with Kodrin Putty.
- Lightly sand and pre-paint with Rubbol AZ .
- Lightly sand and top coat with Rubbol AZ .
Wood, provided with intact alkyd resin
paint layers : - Wash the intact paint layers with  Polyfilla Pro S600  and sand.
Fix minor flaws with  Rubbol Primer .
- Sanding and pre-painting with Rubbol AZ.
- Lightly sand and top coat with Rubbol AZ.

Safety and legislation:
- Flash point: Approx. 39°C.
- Safety Data Sheet: For more information and the most current safety data, see the product safety data sheet.

Article data:
- Shelf life: In unopened packaging approx. 2 years.
- Packaging: 0.5, 1 and 2.5 ltr.
- Color availability: White and almost all colors available on the Sikkens color mixing machine.

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