Buy your Sikkens products from an official Online Sikkens Specialist. The advantage is that you always have a guarantee. That the paint is of excellent quality. The coloring of the Sikkens products is always done on an original Sikkens Coloring Machine. This is inspected and calibrated every year. You always have the full warranty. Our employees are trained and aware of the latest developments. We can therefore also properly inform and advise you. In short, if you want the best, buy from an official online Sikkens Specialist !


Do you want a product mixed by color? Please note that color-mixed products cannot be returned. Do you choose white or white? So for paint without color pigments, this paint can be returned, provided the can has been unopened and not damaged.

Properties Sikkens Rubbol Primer Primer

  • Good adhesion to various substrates.
  • High opacity.
  • Good filling and flow.
  • Easy to sand.
  • Easy to process.
  • weatherproof.
  • Moisture regulating.
  • Dilute with turpentine if necessary
  • Can be applied with a brush and paint roller

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