Levis Ambiance Muurverf - Extra Mat - Koala - 2,5L


Color: Koala

Levis Ambiance is a unique range of wall paints, lacquers and effect paints with superior quality. The Levis Ambiance wall paint has everything you need to give a new look to your room! The new HD color technology brings every wall to life. This unique formula contains strong color pigments that provide beautiful, deep colors that do not fade. The extra matt finish of this wall paint is ideal to create a "cozy" effect: it softens the light and gives a feeling of intimacy. Levis Ambiance extra matt is available in 54 colors.

The Levis Ambiance range is suitable for applications on:

  • plasterwork
  • plasterboard
  • cement occupation
  • brick
  • raw concrete
  • aerated concrete
  • concrete blocks
  • glass fabric
  • or already painted surfaces

This unique wall paint can not only be used indoors, but can also be used as an outdoor paint.

Benefits of Levis Ambiance:

  • invisible brush strokes
  • high coverage
  • little odor
  • good washability
  • stable color
  • exceptionally scratch resistant.

With Levis Ambiance you are assured of a perfectly uniform and smooth end result.

Important specifications:

  • Finish: Extra matte
  • Coverage: 12m² / L
  • On waterbase
  • Recoatable / walkable: after 4 to 5 hours

How do I apply Levis Ambiance wall paint? Before applying Levis Ambiance wall paint, a thorough preparation is essential.

New walls:

  1. The surface to be treated must be dry, free of grease and dust. If applicable: fill cracks, cracks and holes with Polyfilla all-in one. If necessary, lightly sand the surface (eg plaster) and dust thoroughly.


  1. Then 1 layer of Levis Primer Mur & Ceiling. If necessary, use Levis Primer Mur & Ceiling Gray for a pure red or burgundy finish and Levis Primer Mur & Ceiling Yellow Ocher for a pure yellow or green finish. Levis Isoprim is recommended as a primer for non-coherent surfaces.



Already painted walls:

No primer is usually required on old coatings in good condition, provided proper preparation. If applicable: fill cracks, cracks and holes with Polyfilla. Wash / degrease tightly adhering old layers with ammonia water (9 parts water and 1 part ammonia). For chalky old paint layers or soot and nicotine stains, apply 1 layer of Levis Isoprim. Sand off poorly adhering paint and make the surface dust-free. Then be sure to apply a primer to the bare and repaired parts before applying Levis Ambiance wall paint.


Tip & advice for applying Levis Ambiance:

Some tips for a good application: stir well before use, apply with a brush or roller and apply at temperatures above + 10 ° C.


Apply 2 to 3 strips vertically, then distribute them horizontally and finally roll vertically in one direction. The wall paint feels dry after a few hours and can be painted over after 4 to 5 hours. We recommend applying two coats of paint.


Tip: sand lightly between two coats (grit P240) for the best result!


To clean your application brush, simply wash it out with water. Always keep the paint pot in a frost-free place afterwards.


ℹ Health and safety

Contains: 1,2-Benzisothiazol-3 (2H) -one and C (M) IT / MIT (3: 1). May produce an allergic reaction. Avoid contact with the eyes and skin and keep out of reach of children. This product contains a maximum of 3 g / l VOC. EU limit value for this product (category A / a): 30 g / l (2010).

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